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Summary: Help an elderly civilian complete their shopping list for the day.
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While visiting in Konoha, Boruto decided to get a few more missions under his belt that he couldn't do over in the Capital City. Using his laptop that he brought from his apartment, the blonde viewed his mission count on his record, only to see...he was pretty close to reaching the next level of his shinobi career: the rank of Jounin. There was times where he couldn't wait to reach the upper echelon of the ninja ranks to prove his greatness, but honestly...that fire was nearly gone, and was replaced with a cold engine that just kept going and going; for what? Who even knew anymore?

Sighing to himself, Boruto saw he only had a handful of missions left; just enough to maybe knock out during the week that he was here in the village. So, maybe he could go and attempt it? Couldn't hurt. Scrolling through the available low ranking missions, he saw one that he could do now, and funny enough: it was scheduled in the next hour. Accepting the mission, he stopped by the Hokage Office to finish the process and off the blonde went to meet up with the client.

It wasn't long for the Ninja Guardian to arrive outside the gate of a home that was near downtown. An elderly man came out shortly after his arrival and locked the gate. “You that ninja that'll help me with my shoppin'?” “Yes sir. I'm here until we knock off everything on the list.” He nodded. “Good. I got a large family coming over. And in fact, I spoke with the Rokudaime, and this will be a two part mission to count as two missions. Because tomorrow, you'll be helping my wife finish up the shopping list.” The man explained, causing Boruto to blink in slight surprise. Hey, at least it'll count as two missions. “Understood. Ready whenever you are.”

The two would arrive at the shopping district rather quickly and went right to work. Not a lot was said between the two; just small talk and directions. Boruto's blue eyes shifted over to when the old man opened up his wallet to check his funds, and saw a picture of two young people standing side by side with smiling faces. “...Your wife, I take it?” He asked. “Huh? Yeah...married for 30 years. She was such a pain in my ass when we met, but...she was the one for me.” The man chuckled, which caused Boruto to chuckle as well. “What? You got someone like that, kid?” They had made it to the checkout line and placed everything that was gathered upon the conveyor belt.

“...Yeah, I do. But I wonder if she still feels the same about me.”

[TBC in PART 2]

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