Shiloh Gray
Shiloh Gray
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Shiloh Gray

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Shiloh Gray
June 4th - 16 - N/A - N/A

General Information

Nickname: N/A
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120
Clan: N/A
Kekkei Genkai:N/A

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Looking in the Mirror

Shiloh has a soft, feminine appearance, and on occasion is mistaken as a female by many others. He has short, light grey/silver hair, large, sparkling blue eyes, and light skin tone.

For attire he wears mostly bright colors and feminine looking designs. It just looks more flattering on him. He prefers the color blue over any other and could be seen sporting blue shirts and a pair of dark blue shorts or white ones. He doesn't have much in the cloths department but that is okay because he keeps them well maintained. Over all he wears what fits him and what is comfortable.

Play By: Saika Totsuka

Chakra System

Main Affinity: Water
Skill Level: N/A
Other Affinities: N/A
Skill Level: N/A
Strength: N/A
Average: N/A
Weakness: Everything
Reserve: Low

Tales of History

Shiloh was born to a family who didn't want him. People that grew up on the road and far from here. His parent's were travelers; ones that didn't wish to harbor a child but thought against getting rid of him. Instead they settled in the leaf village; short lived for once Shiloh was born he would be placed upon the steps of the orphanage. They left moments after; parents who didn't want the burden of a child on their backs for they wanted to live freely. Never did he know his parents and he probably never would, not like he let that get him down though for he was such a bright soul. Growing up with such a feminine appearance was no walk in the park. Constantly he would be teased; bullied even but never did he let it get to him. His life was so much more then others knew so what did he care if they called him names and pushed him around for being different. For all he knew they were probably just angry that the boys found him attractive.

The bullies never stopped though; relentless they were but Shiloh was better then that. He did not give into the hateful words or the beatings, no he would live on for he knew he would one day be rid of all this anger. Upon living in the orphanage though he decided it would be best to start volunteering at places to simply get away. He would be known for his bright smile; his great personality and it brought many costumers around. Soon he found a place he loved and that would be at the local florist shop. Here he would volunteer and become a great help to an elderly lady. For months he would help her until he was old enough to actually work for this lady. Once he was old enough this woman would give him money; in hopes that he would make a living and get out of the orphanage as soon as he possibly could. It was no secret that Shiloh was such a target; remembering days where he would come in bruised up and beaten down but still he would smile. That smile is what kept this woman going even during the darkest times.

He was such a light in the darkness and she thanks him fully for his help. Still alive she is but not around nearly as much for she was getting up there in age. She supervised Shiloh; assisted when needed and is slowly working on training him to take over this store when it was time for her to retire. She would give this store to him for he needed this one good thing in his life after being brought up in such a terrible life style. She would of adopted him but she just couldn't do so with her one bedroom apartment and house full of cats. So this was the least she could do for such a loving boy. Shiloh will do what he can to make sure this life he has chosen stays the way it already is. He will keep on smiling even in the darkest of hours. This is Shiloh; a boy who had been given a heavy deal in life only to keep shining brightly.
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