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Feb 19 2018, 03:32 PM

Welcome to the second Grand Opening of Naruto Bloodline Chronicles! Now, we had been running great since late 2014; however, a break was needed in order to take a well needed rest and focus on other things that were (and still currently going on) in life. But now, after a massive cleanup and redesign, Bloodlines is back and better than ever!

-Updated Plot
-New character app
-New skin

To all old members and new members, go out and have a ball with amazing stories. More site plots are coming, so have fun with the mini plots that are happening around the various lands. If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or anything else, please PM Kiwi Kenobi or Kairi and we'll address them ASAP!

With much love,
Bloodline Chronicles Staff
Sep 5 2017, 11:14 AM

If you're seeing this, congrats; you've been chosen to continue making stories here on Bloodlines. The ride has been all over the place, but now, it's decided to close this site from the public and let the chosen few to continue writing stories with one another. This sandbox mentality, funny enough, was the original plan of this site, but it was decided to open it up to the public. But due to recent events, we had to close our doors.

Everything will get cleaned up and reflect those who have stayed around. If you have any questions, contact me.
Apr 7 2017, 07:58 AM
Members are able to create their own missions for their characters and others to participate in. Afterwards, they do have the choice of making it a part of the stock missions that are located on the board.

To start, nab the code below, fill it out, and post it in the Mission Registration area to have a member of Staff take a look at it.


[b]TITLE:[/b] What's the title of the mission?
[b]RANK: [/b]What's the rank of the mission?
[b]NUMBER OF MEMBERS[/b]: How many people can participate in this mission?
[b]WHERE[/b]: Where is this mission located?
[b]BACKGROUND[/b]: Give a short blurb about what the mission will entail.
Nov 10 2016, 04:43 PM
[OOC: This is the finale of the site plot. With this and with all important site plot threads, I want the posting to be quick and on point. Meaning that I will only allow a max of 2 days to post until skipping occurs. If skipped, you have to pick up where the action currently is, not back when you got skipped. That also means your character might be in a situation they might not be in, so be wary.]


Alistair soared through the air, enjoying his time in this new dimension, learning anything and everything about the world, about these...shinobi. It wasn't long ago that he felt his brother Daikou arriving and instead of preparing for a battle...his brother never showed up to do the typical trying to stop his fun. Huh...it was confusing to say the least, but it was whatever to the unknown visitor. That meant that the fun could still be had; he just needed to find that one fight that would make this visit worth while.

He had found one of the two signals that brought him over here in the first place, but alas, that person couldn't stop Alistair's might. Sure, the guy wasn't going full power like he was, but at the very least, that blonde could have done something more amazing rather than turn golden. Instead, he was worried more about the safety of the two females that had gotten foolish to think they could handle his level of fun. Instead, he broke them like shiny new toys and awaited for them to get stronger for a rematch, as he could feel their inner fire and knew that wouldn't be the last time he saw them.

Landing near the same spot the first fight happened, Alistair decided to see if the little fishes would take the bait once more. His curiosity wondered how much stronger they become and to see what other unique prey he could lure over here today. “Don't disappoint me...” He smirked to himself, releasing a massive pulse of power that would be felt by those all around the shinobi world, with those that had felt his presence before knew exactly who it was the second it went off.
Oct 17 2016, 08:44 PM

Ah, Fall: the season of change. The colors presented that are so vivid, it is unbelievable. The weather ranges from windy, to sunny, to rainy. The leaves fall off the trees and the cool air comes rolling in at night. And it'll get colder and colder until it's time for winter to come take stage.

In celebration of the changing of the season, there will be a fall festival being held in the Land of Demons. Attendance is free to the public, so anyone who's anyone are able to arrive and join in the fun. In character, this will be held at the last week of October, meaning it will also hold Halloween aspects to it, as well. Various games, foods, and sight seeing are just part of the fun to be held. Also, there will be a huge dance that can be attended in a costume!

While fun is to be had during the festival, there is something else that is lurking behind the scenes. You know what they say about Halloween, right?~

A section will be made for the event, and threads can be made in there. However, I will open sign ups for a special part that I will PM to those that sign up. Limited spaces, so have fun! Members are allowed up to two characters for the sign up, granted if they can keep up with posting.

-Gin Matsumoto
-Akira Yugno
-Sarada Uchiha
-Boruto Uzumaki
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