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Feb 19 2018, 03:51 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">
.bmain1 { width: 300px; font-family: 'Roboto Condensed', sans-serif; font-size: 35px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: -3px; font-weight: lighter; text-align: center; border-bottom: 2px solid #222; color: #222 }
.bsite { width: 300px; font-family: arial; font-size: 8px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%; text-align: center; letter-spacing: 6px; color: #222; padding-top: 5px; }
.btext { width: 260px; padding: 20px; background-color: #fcfcfc; color: #333; line-height: 100%; text-align: justify; font-family: arial; font-size: 9px; }
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<center><div style="width: 300px; padding: 20px; background-color: #fafafa"><div class="bmain1">

Random Happenstance!

</div><div class="bsite">bloodline chronicles</div><div style="height: 20px"></div><div class="btext">

This is a real fun and unique way to add all those little and big twists in the development of a character. An optional feature to simulate how real-life works, since in reality, we really don't have a lot of control on what happens to us on a day to day basis. Each week, those that have decided to sign up upon receiving a PM deciding their fate, will have to play out the scenario in their threads! This can be something as simple as that they have lost their weapon, or have met some thugs (which would be NPC'd by staff) in the city. Which one of your threads will this occur may you ask? That is also, random.
The severity of the situation can be as harsh or tame as you'd prefer, for example:
  • Low: Allergies, Lost weapon, Forgot wallet, Cold.
  • Medium: Broken ankle, Woke up somewhere else, Someone found out a secret/private letter/text.
  • High: Pregnancy, Death, Bad sickness, Serious Injury, Love confession.
If you’re interested in taking part in this fun little option, please fill out the form right below. You can always back out if you'd like, and yes, this doesn't go per member but for individual characters.
    Who's signed up
</div></div><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=54" style="font-family: arial, serif; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #222; font-size: 6px; text-align: center">&copy; darren criss</a></center>[/dohtml]


[b]Character name:[/b] ---
[b]Severity:[/b] ---
[b]Notes:[/b] ---
Jan 31 2018, 09:53 PM
[dohtml]<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Libre+Barcode+39+Text|Open+Sans:400,400i,700,700i" rel="stylesheet"><link rel="stylesheet" href="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

<div class="hundredeuro"><div id="orangeuglad">

<div class="tabs"><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-1" name="tab-group-1" checked><label for="tab-1" title="image" style="padding-top: 35px;"><i class="fa fa-picture-o" aria-hidden="true"></i></label><div class="content">

<div class="pic" style="background:url(https://i.imgur.com/EGu95af.jpg);"></div>

</div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2" title="basics"><i class="fa fa-list" aria-hidden="true"></i></label><div class="content"><div class="info"><ul>

<li><b>full name</b> Kakashi Hatake</li>
<li><b>nicknames</b>Cold-Blooded Kakashi, Friend Killer Kakashi, Copy Ninja</li>
<li><b>birthplace and birthday</b>Konohagakure and September 15th</li>
<li><b>affiliation</b>Konohagakure, Anbu Black Ops</li>
<li><b>clan</b> Hatake Clan</li>
<li><b>membergroup</b> Ninja</li>
<li><b>faceclaim</b> Kakashi Hatake, Boruto: Naruto Ninja Generations</li>
<li><b>likes</b> No paperwork, Quiet time alone, New books, Dinner with Uzumakis
<li><b>dislikes</b> Being alone, Sleeping, Bad coffee

</ul></div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3" title="freeform"><i class="fa fa-book" aria-hidden="true"></i></label><div class="content"><div class="body">

History Here
Three Years Later:

-After the disappearance of Team 7, Kakashi has taken up the mantle of Hokage once again, in order to help lead Konoha through this recent rough patch.

</div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-4" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-4" title="shipper"><i class="fa fa-comments-o" aria-hidden="true"></i></label><div class="content"><div class="body">


Kakashi has a strong resemblance to his father, so much so that they are sometimes mistaken for each other: he has spiky silver hair often oriented to his left-side, dark grey eyes, and typically a relaxed, heavy-lidded expression. During the Third Shinobi World War, his left eye was damaged, leaving a vertical scar from the injury. The eye was shortly afterwards replaced with a Sharingan, which he covers with his forehead protector when he isn't using it. This, combined with the mask he has used to cover the lower half of his face for seemingly his entire life, prevents most of his face from being visible. Even his ninken have seen his face so sparingly that most of them don't remember what he looks like unmasked. On the few occasions he exposes his full face, he has a narrow jaw-line and a beauty mark under the left corner of his mouth. Overall, he is considered very handsome.


Kakashi has few friends, most have died and the rest have retired. Even so, there is few times to spend with them given his re-gained Hokage title. His closest companions is Might Guy, and his former sensei, Minato Namikaze. Kakashi is not adverse to more friendships, and he can be kind, though it will take a lot to warm up to him of course.


There has not many anyone in his past, per se, and no one in his future as far as he can tell. However, personally I would not mind this. If interested PM me, and we may talk further.


He is a veteran shinobi, he does have a plethora of enemies I am sure. Sign up, get in line.

</div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-5" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-5" title="ooc" style="padding-top: 35px; border-bottom: solid 1px #ddd;"><i class="fa fa-user-circle-o" aria-hidden="true"></i></label><div class="content">

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/IzUMkm1.jpg">

<div class="info"><ul style="padding: 0;">

<li><b>ooc name</b> Kairi</li>
<li><b>timezone</b> EST</li>
<li><b>contact</b> pm/discord</li>
<li><b>other characters</b> Hinata, Sarada, Itachi, Kushina</li>

</ul></div></div></div></div></div></div><span class="mitzicredit"><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=8549" title="MITZI @ SHINE">MITZI</a></span>


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<div class="bunny" style="margin-left: 15px">
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<label for="bunny-1" style="font-size: 120%;">♡</label>
<div class="bunnycontent" style="overflow: hidden">
<img src="http://i64.tinypic.com/2a6ozms.jpg" style="margin-left: -20px; margin-top: -20px" width="350px"></img>

<div class="bunny">
<input type="radio" id="bunny-2" name="bunny-group-1">
<label for="bunny-2">i.</label>
<div class="bunnycontent">
<div class="bunnytitle">Chakra System & Equipment</div><hr class="bunny">

Chakra System
Main Affinity: Lightning
Skill Level: Master
Other Affinities: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Yin, Yang
Skill Level: Master
Strength: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu
Average: Fuinjutsu
Weakness: All Others
Chakra Reserve: High
Kekkei Genkai: N/A
Equipment: N/A


<div class="bunny">
<input type="radio" id="bunny-3" name="bunny-group-1">
<label for="bunny-3">ii.</label>
<div class="bunnycontent">
<div class="bunnytitle">E-C Techniques</div><hr class="bunny">
- E Rank
Unless Academy Student, all shinobi/trained chakra users know all E Rank techniques.
- D Rank
Check here for Kakashi's techniques.
Use p-code above to space them out.
- C Rank
List them here
Use p-code above to space them out.


<div class="bunny">
<input type="radio" id="bunny-4" name="bunny-group-1">
<label for="bunny-4">iii.</label>
<div class="bunnycontent">
<div class="bunnytitle">B-S Techniques</div><hr class="bunny">
- B Rank
List them here
Use p-code above to space them out
- A Rank
List them here
-S Rank
List them here
Misson Count
D: 197
C: 190
B: 414
A: 298
S: 42



<div class="bunnycred"><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=21169">lily of the valley</a></div>


Oct 22 2016, 12:49 AM

Rin Yuto
September 20th - 10 - Ninja - Genin

General Information

Nickname: None
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 85 Ibs.
Clan: None Hatake
Kekkei Genkai: None

Born: Kumogakure
Affiliation: Kumogakure

Looking in the Mirror

Appearance: Rin is much shorter than her peers, but whether that will stay that way is unknown. Overall, she is a very attractive young girl, and her noticeable feature is her silver hair, which is more often than not somewhat unmanageable. Eyes are various shades of blue, mimicking that of her mothers. That being the case, keeping her hair in pig-tails or something of the like is required. While Rin has pale skin, due to countless hours outside each day the area about her nose and cheeks show freckles. A scar decorates her right cheek, a accident with a kunai that had occurred while she was one her first mission, a injury she took to help a comrade. Rin often wears her battle gear, which has similar coloring.

On her back is a small iron tanto, low quality, and something she purchased herself.

Play By: Naruto OC

What Are They Like

+ Very Intelligent
+ Opinionated
+ Outspoken
+ Loves Animals
+ Favorite food is mochi
+ Curious
+ Loves reading
+ Idolizes Tsubaki Amane
+ Slow to anger

- Bold
- Overconfident
- Casual in most situations
- Tries to outsmart people
- Fears the dark
- Dislikes most vegetables
- Hasn't been outside Kumogakure
- Playfull
- Can be lazy, since skills come easy
- Sarcastic

~ Wants a pet one day, so continuously feeds the stray dogs in hopes she can sneak one home.
~ Thinks shrugging is a completely viable form of communication.

Chakra System

Main Affinity: Lighting
Skill Level: Intermediate
Other Affinities: N/A
Skill Level: N/A
Strength: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu
Average: Shurikenjutsu, Genjutsu
Weakness: Fuinjutsu
Reserve: Mid-High

Techniques Repertoire

D Rank:
Kai (Release)
Body Flicker
Enhanced Senses
Temporary Paralysis Technique
Lightning Release: Shock Pulse

Tales of History
The young girls life was pleasant, and without too much sadness. A normal life in Kumogakure, with only her mother Hikari Yuto, to care for her. While Rin often questioned and wondered concerning her father, the answers she received were few and far in between, and emptiness left room for imagination, so Rin told herself.

Entering into the academy at the normal age, however, she graduated quite early. Many touted her for being a genius, having inherited prodigious talent from some unknown source. Rin would often declare it was simply her skills and hard work, which in truth, she rarely liked to train. It was too easy, or boring, she'd say and not wish to go on mission. To be a chunin was already in the cards, yet, it was not having the required mission count that stifled her chances. Recently, Rin has begun collecting the mission needed, and simply awaiting the chance for the next chunin examination.

For Rin, keeping and gaining friends was never difficult. Her outspoken and bold personality made many try and forget the girls arrogance, some did not however. Rin lives a rather quiet life with several friends within the heart of the village, either trying to spend time with Tsubaki or enjoying a good book when the fancy of causing some mischief doesn't strike her. Unbeknownst to her and to everyone else save her mother, her father is Hatake Kakashi.
Sep 21 2016, 06:02 PM

Miwako Yamaguchi
July 20th - Sixteen - Chunin - Ninja

General Information

Nickname: Miwa
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115Ibs
Clan: None.
Kekkei Genkai: None.

Born: Konohagakure
Affiliation: Konohagakure

Looking in the Mirror

Appearance: Overall Miwako has a very warm demeanor, despite the cool colors that make of her looks. Soft brown hair and amber eyes, while are quite the average pair of look in any given shinobi village, it is the shade that makes her somewhat unique. Having long hair, Miwako tends to place it into a bun on top her head, or rather, in a long ponytail. Often times the girl is training, and as such, she prefers loose and comfortable clothing, even with her normal gear.

Play By: Naruto OC

What Are They Like


+Creative Writing
+Board games
+Romantic movies
+Train Rides
-The rain
-The color pink
-Not sharing her opinion
-Dislikes studying


Chakra System

Main Affinity: Wind
Skill Level: Advanced
Other Affinities: Yin
Skill Level: Advanced
Strength: Genjutsu, Ninjutsu
Average: Fuinjtusu
Weakness: All others
Reserve: Mid

Techniques Repertoire

Use the following to determine how many techniques your character can start off with:

Academy Students: All E Rank Techniques

Genin: All E Rank Techniques. 5 D Rank

Chuunin: All E Rank Techniques, 5 D-Rank, 3 C-Rank, and 2 B-Rank.

Jounin: All E Rank Techniques, 5 D-Rank, 5 C-Rank, 4 B-Rank, and 1 A-Rank

Kage: All E Rank Techniques, 7 D-Rank, 6 C-Rank, 4 B-Ranks, 2 A-Ranks, and 1 S-Rank.

Tales of History
Give us a short background to your NPC. You may make it as long and short as you want, as long as you present the details needed to show that they are important to the related character's plot.
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