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Yuji Tanahashi


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Jun 4 2017, 12:29 PM

Kingdom of Illyrium

Origin: Kirigakure (nomadic tribe)
Location: Land of Ice
Clan Head: Yuji Tanahashi
Bloodline: Ocean Release (direct bloodline), Water Release (common), Lightning Release (rare), Ice Release (uncommon/direct bloodline)

History: It all started back before the Warring States Era. Even before the Mist Village became what it was today; it was but a simple village, going about life as best as they can. Trading with local villages and such, every day was normal and content. Things would stay the same until that fateful day...where the Lady of the Depths came into the village. She was a beautiful woman, with hair as white as fresh December snow. Her mystical powers over water and ice made crops plentiful during dreaded summers and winters.

Time passed and eventually, she began teaching villagers her seemingly-divine powers, hoping that they can put it to good use and wouldn't need her assistance any longer. A few key people ended up obtaining the power quicker than others and they would eventually be the founders of the Kingdom of Illyrium. Wanting to explore further, those key people left with the Lady of the Depths to further unexplored lands and using their new powers of ice...they created an underwater kingdom.

Decades and generations pass, and the kingdom has flourished into an extravagant one. The inhabitants are allowed to interact with the now-dubbed "surface dwellers", but are not allowed to bring one in, unless given permission by the Royal Family, or if you're part of the family itself. The current King is Yuji Tanahashi, the son of the previous King who had met his end via an assassination attempt.


Name: Mizu Kasei no Jutsu (Water Transmutation Technique)
Rank: C
Classification: Supplementary
Range: Short
Handseals: 2

A technique taught to many members of the kingdom. The technique performed by making contact with an object or any other type of matter. When contact is made, the user uses their chakra to turn the object in question into water or any form of water. Once it is transformed, the user is free to manipulate it as they like or absorb it. The level of skill determines the time of the transmutation, so beginners will have trouble converting matter in a quick manner. This technique has two weaknesses. The first is that the technique cannot be used on living beings and the second weakness is larger objects or objects with more chakra will require more chakra to transform.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must be either a member of the kingdom or be taught it.

Allowed to join? Yes. PM Kiwi Kenobi for permission.
Jun 4 2017, 12:05 PM
Name: Trident of the Abyss
Type: Pole arm
Skill Level:? Average in Bukijutsu or Bojutsu

Description: A mighty weapon that has been passed down for generations, to those who have obtained the title of King. It's a golden three pronged trident that holds intricate markings all around. While in the hands of the current or past King, the trident amplifies the user's Water Release and Ocean Release chakra even higher, and gives them more fluid control over the waters. In the hands of those not of a King, it's just a pretty golden weapon that holds no special properties.

Others can use? Only the current King of Illyrium can properly wield the weapon.
Jun 4 2017, 11:51 AM

[Credit to: Omnibender]

Name: Umiton (Ocean Release)
Type: Elemental
Clan: N/A

Description: Ocean Release is an advanced elemental release Kekkei Genkai that combines Water Release and Yang Release. The life and physical energy of Yang Release empowers Water Release to a higher degree, causing the result to become stronger than standard Water Release. The much more powerful impact behind Ocean Release is often compared to the intense pressure of the ocean depths, resulting in the name of the Kekkei Genkai. Ocean Release techniques are noted to be more darker in color than normal Water Release techniques, with the water holding a dark navy shade of blue (reflecting the dark shades of the ocean depths).

Using Ocean Release, users are able to produce seawater from their body or from a distance, control it with great ease, and even transform one's body into it to become temporarily immune to physical attacks. Unlike Water Release, producing very large quantities of seawater isn't difficult by any means as users are able to create large tidal waves or whirlpools with ease. Furthermore, the seawater produced by Ocean Release is vastly stronger than the water produced by Water Release because of how much chakra is in the seawater.

Just like drinking seawater is dangerous, absorbing the seawater produced by Sea Release is dangerous, regardless of how it is absorbed. When absorbed, the salt in the water forces out any water that is inside the body, dehydrating the target. Normally this could take hours to be lethal, but the chakra inside the seawater greatly enhances the salt. As a result, the salt can kill the target through dehydration in the span of a short time, if it is left untreated. This effect is especially dangerous to Water Release users, especially those in the Hozuki Clan. This is because when either of these individuals absorb the water the salt will not only force the water out of their body, but also absorb their chakra to enhance the salt and weaken their defenses.

Just like the ocean, the seawater is merely one side of Ocean Release. Ocean Release also allows the users to summon, control, morph into, and gain the traits of various aquatic life (gills, etc.) Another ability Ocean Release grants is the ability to draw power from the moon. This can only be done at night and it is done by focusing on the moon before slowly directing one's focus inward. When this is done a user can empower their mind, body, and even chakra.

Ocean Release shares the same weaknesses as Water Release, if though it's on a higher scale. High level Earth Release techniques can dissipate the force of water, rendering the water technique to be less effective. Plus, high level Fire Releases can cause the techniques to evaporate harmlessly upon contact.

Can others use?: PM Kiwi Kenobi for more details.


Name: Umiton: Kyūryū Shōgeki (Ocean Release: Torrent Crash)
Rank: C
Classification: Offensive
Range: Short to Mid
Handseals: 3

Once Ocean Release chakra is gathered in the palm of the hand, the user unleashes a powerful wave of water at the target. An alternative way to use this technique is to swing the attacking arm in an arc, and send the water wave tearing along the ground towards the target. The effectiveness is lessened with distance, as the concussive force weakens the further the water wave travels.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must know Ocean Release.

Name: Umiton: Ekitai Kyūshū no Jutsu (Ocean Release: Liquid Absorption Technique)
Rank: C
Classification: Supplementary
Range: Short to Mid
Handseals: 2

This technique enables the user to draw water from any living surroundings such as trees, leaves, flowers, etc until they wither and die and the resulting water is usually formed into a compact sphere. Due to their cellular structure and no chakra control, plants and fungi are more suited to use this jutsu than other living creature such as animals and humans, who can interrupt the technique with their chakra flow. However, this technique can still be done upon those other living creatures, if the user wishes to; the process, again stated above, will be tougher than on plant life.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must know Ocean Release

Name: Umiton: Umi Tamashi (Ocean Release: Sea Soul)
Rank: C
Classification: Supplementary
Range: Short
Handseals: 3

A technique that allows the user tame the ocean to gain the ability to obtain attributes of its inhabitants. It is a very difficult technique to master and once mastered, gives them a huge advantage in a fight. To use this unique technique the user substitutes the normal chakra in their Chakra Pathway System with ocean chakra. They allow the ocean chakra to travel freely in their Chakra Pathway System to attune the ocean chakra with their life-force and soul to give the two a similar wavelength. This allows the ocean chakra to modify the user's very soul to give it oceanic properties and transform it into something akin to the heart and soul of the ocean.

A user of this technique are able to draw attributes from their modified soul to allow their bodies to undergo an advanced transformation down to the genetic and cellular level. This allows them to gain abilities of various aquatic life and the ability to turn parts of their body into that of aquatic animals.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must know Ocean Release.

Name: Umiton Chakura Mōdo (Ocean Release Chakra Mode)
Rank: B
Classification: Offensive, Defensive
Range: Short
Handseals: 6

The user envelops their entire body in a coating of water that enhances the damage and force of their physical attacks, due to the nature of Ocean Release. The water forms into a thick layer of scales and a dark blue chakra aura lifts off their body. In addition to the offensive damage the armor can grant the user, it can also be used for defensive purposes, as it acts as a barrier-like protection against those who wish to attack the user. The chakra needed to maintain the mode is constant, meaning the power up can't be held for long. Also, high level techniques can bypass the water scales and get to the user's body.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must know Ocean Release

Name: Umiton: Sho Ryu Nami (Ocean Release: Rising Dragon Wave)
Rank: A
Classification: Offensive
Range: All Ranges
Handseals: 10

A powerful Ocean Release technique. The user intensifies their chakra and goes through the motion of an upward blow, be it punch or kick. Once the motion is done, a massive torrent of water appears and releases in the direction the punch/kick went. The torrent of water materializes into the image of a majestic dragon soaring into the sky, violently devouring the opponent. The dragon’s attack path cannot be controlled upon release, so despite its massive size, it can be evaded if the target has enough room to maneuver around. Also, the chakra consumption isn’t something that can be shaken off, so multiple uses of this technique is severely limited.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must be taught it by someone else, and must know Ocean Release.

Name: Umiton: Hyaku Ryu Nami (Ocean Release: Hundred Dragon Wave)
Rank: S
Classification: Offensive
Range: All Ranges
Handseals: 12

A more powerful version of the Ocean Release: Rising Dragon Wave technique. It follows the same motions as the previous technique. However, this time around, more chakra is used for the summoning of the water torrent, resulting in the formation of one hundred majestic dragons swarming and attacking their prey. The drawbacks of the previous technique also apply to this one, but at a higher rate, leaving this technique to be able to be done once before rest is needed for the user

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must know Ocean Release: Rising Dragon Wave, and must be taught it by someone else.

Name: Umiton: Watatsumi no Ōkoku (Ocean Release: Watatsumi's Kingdom)
Rank: S
Classification: Offensive
Range: All Ranges
Handseals: 15

The user forms the hand seals and after the final one, the immediate area will then begin to be flooded with Ocean Release chakra-infused water, stopping when it reaches a certain height. Then, they proceed to use their blood (just like in the process of the normal Summoning Technique) to drip down into the waters below. Afterwards, the user is able to use their chakra to summon and control various sea creatures from the water. Massive sea serpents, sharks, octopi, etc. are just examples of what come to the aid of the user. Each creature summon isn’t really there to “help” per say, but are controlled and willed through the use of the Ocean Release chakra that was used to call them.

Despite this being a dream for those Water Release users out there, there are heavy drawbacks. The more ocean creatures the user summon, the more chakra is needed, meaning that one can’t summon too much. If the user runs low on chakra before making the ocean creatures they summoned disappear, the user will lose their "mind control" over the creatures and the creatures will attack anyone in the area, including the user.

Can others learn this?: No

Name: Umiton: Jigen no Shin'en (Ocean Release: Dimension of the Abyss)
Rank: S
Classification: Supplementary
Range: All Ranges
Handseals: 9

When using the technique the user siphons Ocean Release chakra into their environment, which then attaches itself to everything in the area. This does take awhile usually a 20 to 30 seconds depending on the user's skill, but once complete the transformation will begin. By administering the principles of the Water Transmutation Technique, the ocean chakra will transform the ground into seawater, which washes away all plant and wildlife. The plant and wildlife that is washed away will be replaced by its aquatic counterparts when the user uses the ocean chakra to summon its counterparts. This allows the user to turn any area they're area in into an ocean complete with all elemental and biological components that come from that all of which can be controlled using Ocean Release.

It is easy to see how easily this technique can change the tides of battle. Quickly turning an area that was once against them or neutral into one that fights with them down to the wildlife and plants. In most cases, fighting the user and their environment proves too much for opponents; so it is only a matter of time unless they can return the area back to normal through a similar technique or negating or absorbing all the ocean chakra all at once, which is not an easy feat because of how spread out the ocean chakra is. The only other option is to lead the user out of the environment they just created.

This technique requires an enormous amount of chakra, which often leaves the user exhausted after use.

Can others learn this?: No. Must know the Water Transmutation Technique
Jun 3 2017, 06:27 AM

Yuji Tanahashi
July 1st - 18 - Non Ninja - N/A

General Information

Nickname: Yu-kun, Lord Tanahashi, Lord Yuji, The Aquabearer
Height: 5'11
Weight: 186 lbs
Clan: Kingdom of Illyrium
Kekkei Genkai: Ocean Release, Ice Release

Born: Land of Ice
Affiliation: Tanahashi Royal Family

Looking in the Mirror

Appearance: Yuji's most prominent feature is his spiky black-colored hair. He has dark blue eyes, and his body is toned and muscular. After years of warrior training by his father's royal guard, he gets a scar on his forehead above his left eye that is partially covered by his hair. He also has a cross-shaped scar on his lower abdomen received from his first hunting trip. His royal family symbol is below his collarbone on his right pectoral muscle and is dark blue in color. Even with the various clothing people might see him in, his most consistent pieces of clothing are his necklace, which resembles a sword with a stone in it, a metal bracelet and a chain which is attached to the belt loops on the right side of his pants.

Play By: Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

Look Inside Yourself

Yuji has a laid-back personality, but will get serious when the time calls for it. The young man was quite obstinate and reckless when he was younger, but over time, he has attained a more cautious attitude towards life, and deals with problems carefully. He is very concerned about his comrades and people and is truly loyal towards his kingdom, but tends to trash talk every now and then. He always wondered what the surface world was like

Chakra System

Main Affinity: Water
Skill Level: Master
Other Affinities: Wind, Yang
Skill Level: Advanced
Strength: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Nintaijutsu
Average: Bojutsu, Kyujutsu, Bukijutsu
Weakness: Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu
Reserve: High

Techniques Repertoire

Use the following to determine how many techniques your character can start off with. You don't have to completely fill out the list, so feel free to put down as many as you want up till the limit of techniques your skill level allows:

Academy Students: All E Rank Techniques

Genin: All E Rank Techniques. 5 D Rank

Chuunin: All E Rank Techniques, 5 D-Rank, 3 C-Rank, and 2 B-Rank.

Jounin: All E Rank Techniques, 5 D-Rank, 5 C-Rank, 4 B-Rank, and 1 A-Rank

Kage: All E Rank Techniques, 7 D-Rank, 6 C-Rank, 4 B-Ranks, 2 A-Ranks, and 1 S-Rank.

*Canons are not restricted by the above, as they already have established techniques

Tales of History
Give us your character's history. What made them to be the person they are today? Filling this out is optional for Canons, as their tales have already been played out. However, it is required for OCs.
Dec 11 2016, 03:20 PM
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The weather was nice and breeze, with a touch of chilly, as Taichi walked down the forest path on his way back to the village. This quick trip had led the blonde to the Land of Keys in order to pick up a certain package that he ordered ages ago, and it had finally arrived. Thankfully, it was his day off, so he could quickly venture out and get the item in question. What was it, you ask? Well, he was a man of science and he had many theories that needed experimenting on, but he was running low on equipment.
Whistling a light tune, Taichi made a stop at a side of the road vending machine and glanced at the choices. The machine had various drinks, snacks, and even pre-made sandwiches. “They all look so I wait until I get back to Kumo, or just snack on some chips?” The man muttered to himself until his ears perked up and caught the sight of a gathering bunch behind him reflecting off the vending machine glass.
“Afternoon, gents. Nippy weather we got today, eh? I'm almost home so I can enjoy a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate, so if you would keeping whatever business you have with me on hold until then, that'll be great.”
“Save it, nerd. We know you stole that package from our boss. We went through hell to get that thing, and we're not going to let a thief like you steal it!” “Does stealing already stolen good from thugs really such a big deal? Look, guys, send me a bill and I'll pay. I'm just wanting to get out of the weather.”
Before Taichi could walk off, the thugs all pulled to short swords, causing the man to stop. “Enough talking, fool. Give us the goods or die.”

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