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Dec 11 2016, 03:20 PM
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The weather was nice and breeze, with a touch of chilly, as Taichi walked down the forest path on his way back to the village. This quick trip had led the blonde to the Land of Keys in order to pick up a certain package that he ordered ages ago, and it had finally arrived. Thankfully, it was his day off, so he could quickly venture out and get the item in question. What was it, you ask? Well, he was a man of science and he had many theories that needed experimenting on, but he was running low on equipment.
Whistling a light tune, Taichi made a stop at a side of the road vending machine and glanced at the choices. The machine had various drinks, snacks, and even pre-made sandwiches. “They all look so tasty...do I wait until I get back to Kumo, or just snack on some chips?” The man muttered to himself until his ears perked up and caught the sight of a gathering bunch behind him reflecting off the vending machine glass.
“Afternoon, gents. Nippy weather we got today, eh? I'm almost home so I can enjoy a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate, so if you would keeping whatever business you have with me on hold until then, that'll be great.”
“Save it, nerd. We know you stole that package from our boss. We went through hell to get that thing, and we're not going to let a thief like you steal it!” “Does stealing already stolen good from thugs really such a big deal? Look, guys, send me a bill and I'll pay. I'm just wanting to get out of the weather.”
Before Taichi could walk off, the thugs all pulled to short swords, causing the man to stop. “Enough talking, fool. Give us the goods or die.”

<br><br><br><br></div></div></div></div></div><div style="width: 440px; color: #6E6E6E; font-size: 8px; font-family: georgia; font-style: oblique; letter-spacing: 2px; text-align: right; position: relative; right: 15px; ">Vel<a href="http://cttw.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=2394">&curren</a></div><br><br>
Jan 1 2016, 04:33 PM

[Credit to: Omnibender]

Name: Junton (Purification Release)
Type: Elemental
Clan: N/A

Description: Purification Release is an advanced nature Kekkei Tōta that combines Fire Release, Lightning Release, and Water Release to create energy that discriminates between targets and manipulates it. Meaning that the user is able to fire into a crowd of enemies and effect all of them except his teammates. However, Purification Release really shines when one applies it to the medical field. Most of the techniques generated by the Purification Release have medicinal properties and some of the them are used to improve or enhance the Mystical Palm Technique's effects. Even so, the Purification Release also generates offensive techniques.

PM Kiwi Kenobi for permission to use


Name: Junton: Shizukana Bāsuto (Purification Release: Serene Burst)
Rank: C
Classification: Offensive, Supplementary
Range: Short to Mid-Far
Handseals: 2

Using this technique, the user is able to channel and release Purification Release chakra through their hands. Through the purification chakra, the energy released is able to appease and calm anyone who comes into contact with, so the thoughts and emotions of the target will be purified, making their thoughts clearer. Thus, for example, it is possible to reassure a mentally unbalanced or aggressive person, so it does not lose control over its actions. Being used superficially, this technique can also be utilized offensively, since the concentrated energy can be used as a blaster, but is unable to cause much damage.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Requires Purification Release.

Name: Sukuna-Me (Eye of Sukuna)
Rank: B
Classification: Supplementary
Range: Short
Handseals: 3

By activating this technique, the user’s eyes become a shade of emerald green and slightly glowing. Using this technique, the user is able to meticulously analyze the state of health of the person they are looking at. Once activated, they have the ability to scan with extreme accuracy their target's chakra flow, chakra pathway system and the tenketsu, along with being able to detect any type of disease or abnormality, such as internal fractures or poisoning. With this, the user is able to identify precisely the exact location where the disease occurs, which allows them to predict the extent of the diseases, such as their level of severity and also the most effective methods to reach a cure.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Requires Purification Release.

Name: Junton: Fujun'na Wazawai-gai (Purification Release: Impure Calamity)
Rank: B
Classification: Offensive, Supplementary
Range: Short to Mid-Far
Handseals: 4

This technique is able to set aside any discomfort if used in a supplementary way. Generating a luminous circle around the desired area, the user is capable of alleviating the pain of anyone, serving as an anesthetic or pacified any uncomfortable feeling such as nausea or dizziness. If used in an offensive manner, the user will generate the same luminous circle around their target, which, instead of nullifying all the pain generated by an injury, will release all the impurities collected over time, forcing the target to suffer all pain once relieved by this technique. Thus, the victim will feel in the affected area an attack of consecutive pain, which can lead to fainting or severe convulsions, while on a milder side, nausea and vomiting.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Requires Purification Release.

Name: Junton: Sukuna no Hogo (Purification Release: Sukuna’s Protection)
Rank: B
Classification: Defensive, Supplementary
Range: Short to Mid
Handseals: 4

With this technique, the user can invoke a dome of Purification Release chakra that will protect them from attacks of the enemy. The dome will remain raised until the user decides to undo it or runs out of chakra. While activated, the dome will prevent anyone who the user classifies as "impure" to penetrate it, so it will repel any attack that stems from the “impure” targets made against it and if there is direct contact with the dome, the victim will then start to have a decent bit of chakra sucked into the dome; not too much, but noticeable by targets. From there, the chakra is then used to supply the dome's longevity. Those who the user classify as "pure" may cross the dome without suffering damages.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Requires Purification Release.

Name: Junton: Sukuna no Shukufuku (Purification Release: Sukuna’s Blessing)
Rank: A
Classification: Supplementary
Range: Short
Handseals: 5

Once the user has anaylzed a target’s chakra pathway system, the user is then able to create in the body of their target a reservoir containing a quantity of extra chakra, using their own chakra to create the reservoir and also to keep it idle temporarily. The chakra reservoir formed can be activated at any time to expand the amount of chakra used by the shinobi who received it. Thus, the stored chakra adapts to the shinobi's original chakra flow combining it with the user's chakra stored, maximizing the effectiveness of the performed techniques. The reservoir is temporary, however, so if the target burns it all up, they lose it.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must be an expert at Medical Ninjutsu and be able to see and understand the Chakra Pathway System. Requires Purification Release.

Name: Junton: Kurenai Kenshi (Purification Release: Crimson Dissection)
Rank: S
Classification: Offensive, Supplementary
Range: Short to Far
Handseals: 10

A heightened form of Purification Release. Upon activation, an immense amount of chakra is released from the user and takes the form of a giant woman with dark, braided hair arranged in loops on her head and mannequin-like arm and sports a robe. The construct remains hovering over the user. The main purpose of the technique is that within a large radius around them, the user has the ability to restructure anything they or the construct touches for both offensive and supportive purposes. Offensively, it can split open whatever is within its area of effect as if cutting with a knife. This "splitting" is similar to the act of dissecting something by cutting it open.

Supportively, it can restructure something by stitching it back together; this can be used as a form of healing. It also can be used as a way to bring something to an optimal working state by enhancing it. All uses of this are manifested in the form of cutting said objects into parts and then using stitches to sew the pieces back together. With it, the user can also create a path for others to move through obstacles or barriers.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must have Purification Release, and must be taught by someone else.
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