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Hinako Fujioka


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Oct 2 2016, 02:17 PM

Name: Honō no Yotaku (Blessing of Flames)
Type: Elemental
Clan: Fujioka Clan

Description: A bloodline that shows that with enough connection to a particular element, one would receive its blessings. Blessing of Flames is a Fujioka Clan's ability to become one with the flames, turning themselves into the primal element itself. Their level of mastery is shown with how well they are able to control and manipulate themselves when transformed. Beginners are able to shift brief parts of their limbs into flames, adepts are able to coat entire limbs, while masters are able to shift their entire bodies.

While in their complete flame bodies, Fire Release techniques are a rank stronger, and they themselves are unaffected by flame attacks B ranks and below, due to the output of flames not being high enough to touch them. However, flames that burn hotter than them can still affect them (although, their resistance does kick in, then it comes down to what flames are being used offensively). As living flames, Taijutsu are completely nullified, for they can't get touched physically, Genjutsu are nullified because one cannot place illusions on an element, and the user gains a low level levitation due to the amount of heat being produced from their bodies.

The drawbacks are that they are flames itself, so master Fire Release users can actually use precise chakra control in order to take control of the user, until the user decides to shift back to their original form. Water Release techniques up the upper echelon can put out the flames, and if this happens, the user is instantly reverted back to normal and is unconscious from the sudden shock to their system.

PM Deathy for permission.


Name: Honō no Yotaku: Buben-teki (Blessings of Flames - Partial)
Rank: C
Classification: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range: Short
Handseals: -

With this technique, users are able to shift a chosen limb on their bodies into flames. While flared up, the limb is unaffected by physical means and any Fire Release technique channeled through it becomes stronger. Users need to watch out for water sources, for if their flames get put out, then their limb reverts back to normal and is unable to shift back to flames for a couple of minutes and until the limb dries off.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must be a part of the Fujioka Clan.

Name: Honō no Yotaku: Shitogeru (Blessings of Flames - Complete)
Rank: A
Classification: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range: Short
Handseals: -

With this technique, users are able to shift their entire bodies into flames, receiving an intimidating flame form. While flared up, the limb is unaffected by physical means and any Fire Release technique that is used becomes stronger. They are also unaffected to Genjutsu, due to their bodies being literal fire now. Fire Release techniques used against them are reduced, their effectiveness scaled by their technique rank. However, they still need to watch out for flames that have a higher burn output. Users need to watch out for water sources, for if their flames get put out, then their bodies reverts back to normal and is rendered unconscious. They also shift back when they run low on chakra.

Can others learn this?: Yes. Must be a part of the Fujioka Clan.
Sep 29 2016, 09:32 PM

Hinako Fujioka
August 9 - 19 - Ninja - Jounin

General Information

Nickname: Hina, Ako, Fu, Flaming Princess.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 125 lbs
Clan: Fujioka Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Honō no Yotaku (Blessing of Flames)

Born: Sunagakure
Affiliation: Sunagakure

Looking in the Mirror

Hinako is a shapely young woman: hour glass figure that's the envy of every woman's go to body. She has yellow gold eyes that stand out from her bright red hair, looking much like a younger Sachiko with those long scarlet colored locks. Her skin is slightly dark in color, due to the small tan that graces her frame. Her apparel consists of barely anything. She finds it easier to move with less on, not to mention, it is hot in the sand village. She mostly wears a bikini top and jean shorts with some high stalkings and a pair of boots. When not out on missions, she prefers tanks and hoodies.She wears the hoods when it gets colder toward the night. Her colors are mostly dark for they contrast makes her eyes and hair pop out more.

Play By: Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)

Chakra System

Main Affinity: Fire
Skill Level: Advanced
Other Affinities: Wind
Skill Level: Intermediate
Strength: Ninjutsu
Average: Taijutsu
Weakness: All Others
Reserve: Mid-High

Techniques Repertoire

- Body Flicker
- Release
- Wind Release: Sky Step
- Girochin Doroppu (Guillotine Drop)
- Fūton: Hitofuki no Jutsu (Wind Release: Gust Technique)

- Honō no Yotaku: Buben-teki (Blessings of Flames - Partial)
- Fire Release: Flame Bullet
- Fūton: Kazekiri no Jutsu (Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique)
- Katon: Higakure No Jutsu (Fire Release: Hiding in Fire Technique)

- Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique)
- Fūton: Shinkūgyoku (Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere)
- Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)
- Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique) ( Hyena's )

- Honō no Yotaku: Shitogeru (Blessings of Flames - Complete)

Tales of History

Born into the Fujioka clan was a blessing in it's own. The woman were always stunning and the males a proud tree. The clan is split though between the side that can receive the blessing and the one that couldn't. Hinako was the one who received the blessing much like her father before. Sachiko's side of the family did not receive the blessing of the flames thus why Sachiko does not have the kekkei genki. Hinkao was born with it; blessed with the flames and able to take on the living essence of flames. Not fully yet though for she needs to train in order to reach that full body transformation.

Hinako did not know she was able to do so until recently but her father had no doubts she would gain the ability like him self. A proud father but a sad husband when his wife would pass away after their childs birth. Since then he has been the only one to raise her. He would visit Sachiko and her parents before their passing. When they passed though Hinako would spend most of her time with Sachiko who became her roll model and some what of an older sibling to her. The two would grow up together; a baby when Sachi was but a teen. The three of them did a lot together and still do to this day so one would be upset if the other moved far away.

Hinako, now sixteen and a Chuunin, is able to travel around more and see her cousin more often. Before she felt left behind when Sachiko moved in with Akihiko; a big headed man toy who needed to keep his paws off her 'sister'. It didn't matter now though Sachiko is pregnant with his child and the two are happily together. Envy Hinako feels, but won't let it control their relationship. She loves Sachiko, so she will not allow anything to separate them. Not even Akihiko the man toy who stole her 'sisters' heart.

Her father and her still live in Sunagakure and she plans on protecting her village. She wants to become a great Ninja when she gets older and will strive to be the best. Her world and her way is to protect those she loves and the place she calls home.

-----------------------Three years later------------------

-Has mastered her clans kekkei genki.
- Moved up in the ranks as a ninja.
- Has become an item with Jouske and cares deeply for him.

Mission Data

Academy Grad Age: 11
Chuunin Exam Age: 14
Jounin Promotion Age: 17

D-Rank: 30
C-Rank: 20
B-Rank: 10
A-Rank: 5
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