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Nov 1 2016, 04:22 PM
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Iwagakure. Why had she come here one might ask seeing as how she was a kunoichi hailing from Kumogakure. She'd just gotten done handling a mission in which she retrieved stolen goods meant for this village. The bandits weren't very smart and didn't expect a giant half human half panther woman to come bearing down onto them. She didn't kill them but she certainly taught them a lesson and turned them in to proper authorities here after turning in what they stole from the village merchant who lived here. Now she was enjoying a brief stay and break here a vacation if you will before she returned home to her village and loved ones. She really hoped Tsubaki was well safe and sound. The girl was like a little sister to her and pretty strong in her own right. She'd be Raikage someday the younger female would proclaim and she believed her.
Yorichu swore she would help her get there someday. It certainly helped the girl had ties with Darui the current Raikage himself all that was left was growing strong enough and earning the respect and admiration of the whole village. Such a dream had never suited Yorichu really. She was every bit like her feline spirit animal lazy usually when she wasn't training to teasing people or messing with them. She just wasn't the leader type and she hated paperwork. The thought made her sigh and frown as she cupped her tea with both hands now and took a sip as she sat and enjoyed her Papi Papi novel. A smut novel akin to Icha Icha it wasn't as good but it was alright enough for her. "Oh my Francesco you dirty dog you she never saw that coming I certainly didn't," she said with a giggle and a purr.
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Oct 23 2016, 05:09 PM
Name: Nakitama no Ikimono [Spirit of the Animal]
Type: Body Modification
Clan: Yajuu Clan.

Description: The user is born with the innate ability to transform at will into their chosen at birth spirit animal. The range of forms and the spirit animal varies from person to person. Users of the same blood like mother/daughter or father/son for example typically stay within the same species but can be 50/50 should the father/mother be a Yajuu clansmen as well with a different species of spirit animal. Some users are capable of influencing certain ninjutsu elemental techniques like the lightning release chakra mode using their spirit animal. The chakra use varies depending on the size of animal the bigger it is the more it takes the smaller it is the less it takes but overall chakra use is very small it's the length of time that eventually strains the body and mind becoming more and more animalistic the longer it is used. The user often develops permanent personality traits akin to their spirit animal like a cat's love for milk and seafood. Users of the kekkai genkai are born with heightened senses such as sight and smell and others based on traits of the respective for example always landing on feet like a cat or seeing in the dark.
Oct 23 2016, 04:38 PM
Name: Lightning Release Chakra Mode: Lightning Cat
Rank: B
Classification: Supplementary, Offensive, and Defensive
Range: Short.
Handseals: N/A.

An extension of the Lightning Release Chakra Mode. As if transforming into her big cat form Yorichu's shroud of lightning extends from her hands and her feet to her whole body taking on the form of a panther effectively extending her reach physically in order to strike her opponents. Highly susceptible to water release. Her speed somewhat decreases.

Can others learn this?: Only from Yorichu and to a fellow Yajuu clan member with lightning release chakra mode and a feline breed spirit animal.

Name: Lightning Release Chakra Mode: Lightning Cat Claws
Rank: B
Classification: Offensive, Defensive.
Range: Short - Far.
Handseals: N/A

Using her Kekkai Genkai and the Lightning Release chakra mode Yorichu focuses more of her chakra into her hands and shrouds her hands in lightning chakra shaped like giant cat paws with claws. When Yorichu takes a swipe at someone from afar she can launch chakra based projectiles capable of shocking and stunning someone. Minimum chakra use outside the already use of the Lightning Release Chakra Mode.

Can others learn this?: Only from Yorichu and to a fellow Yajuu clan member with lightning release chakra mode and a feline breed spirit animal.

Name: Shadow Clone Lightning Beast Mode
Rank: B
Classification: offensive.
Range: Short - Far.
Handseals: 1.

Using the shadow clone technique and her Kekkai Genkai Yorichu is able to in a way summon her spirit animal from within herself without having to transform into it first. The technique is furthered using the lightning release chakra mode on her clone as it is the only technique it can use.

Can others learn this?: Only from Yorichu and to a fellow Yajuu clan member with lightning release chakra mode. Requires Shadow Clone technique.
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