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<li><b>full name</b> Mitsuki</li>
<li><b>nicknames</b> None he is aware of</li>
<li><b>age</b> Sixteen</li>
<li><b>birthplace and birthday</b>July 25th / Orochimaru Lab</li>
<li><b>affiliation</b>Anbu, Otogakure, Ryuchi Cave, Konohagakure, and his father</li>
<li><b>occupation</b> Ninja</li>
<li><b>clan</b> N/A</li>
<li><b>orientation</b> Girls at least pique his interest</li>
<li><b>membergroup</b> Ninja</li>
<li><b>faceclaim</b> Mitsuki - Naruto Next Generations</li>
<li><b>likes</b> Sweets, Miso Pork Ramen, Video Games, Girls though he still doesnt understand them well. Snakes obviously.
<li><b>dislikes</b> Anyone who would hurt those dear to him or insults his father. Sour candy.

</ul></div></div></div><div class="tab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3" title="freeform"><i class="fa fa-book" aria-hidden="true"></i></label><div class="content"><div class="body">

Mitsuki is a creature of habit much like his father Orochimaru. Everyday he gets up and follows the same routine to the letter. A quick shower before dressing for the day depending on if he has a mission for the Village or the Anbu. A quick breakfast is had as Mitsuki ponders which of his friends to hang out with and study for the day before heading out to wander about. If his day is free he will usually seek out Boruto or Sarada but if neither are available then he seeks out others friends he finds Cho Cho particularly interesting in his quest to better understand females and their purpose to him. At the end of the day he retires home to have dinner and relax often he writes to his father to keep in touch and not worry him before retiring to bed for the night.

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Mitsuki in his three year timeskip has become the spitting image of his clone and older brother Log minus the scar Log sports on his face. He has grown much taller in height and has reached a more mature look now. He still sports his golden eyes and pale skin but wears eyeliner akin to his father only black in color when on missions.

Mitsuki's outlook on things haven't quite been the same since his team rather broke up after their fathers respectively fell to the Chakra Beast. Though optimistic still and hopeful he feels lost and useless to his former teammates and friends and seeks to find purpose in helping whoever he can as a growing medical ninja. He still seeks to surpass his father and become a Sannin much like he was.


Boruto, Sarada, Shikadai, Cho Cho, Inoji, Sumire, the rest of his fellow Chunin. He could always use new friends who doesn't though they will never be as important to him as Boruto and Sarada are especially Boruto.


Not actively looking for it as girls remain somewhat a mystery to him but not opposed to trying it out and seeing what it is all about as he finds it interesting to watch and study the chemistry between his fellow teammates and best friends Boruto and Sarada.


None he knows of personally but he supposes whoever hates his father and brother probably hates him too but he cares little for those he doesnt knows exist yet.

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<li><b>ooc name</b> Animeking0405</li>
<li><b>timezone</b> US East Coast</li>
<li><b>contact</b> PM my main account Animeking0405 mainly but also Animeking0405 [Discord]</li>
<li><b>other characters</b> Kina Fuuma Iori</li>

</ul></div></div></div></div></div></div><span class="mitzicredit"><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=8549" title="MITZI @ SHINE">MITZI</a></span>


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