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Aburame Aiko


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May 6 2017, 01:47 PM
Eating small small of bread and saving the rest of the food along with mediation slowly but surely restored her strength. In two weeks time. She will be keeping her promise and breaking out of the cell effortless. But that wasn't the point she needed to get out of here. And stay focused on her task.

"If it's Sarada. Tell her to go fuck herself." She said. She stood up. And turned to face Josuke. Aiko was shocked to see him.

"Josuke..." She uttered. She has not seen him for a good three years. Yet he still remembered her. If she wasn't cold as she is now. She would have actually shred a tear. "You came.." She said turning her head. Not wanting to looking at his eyes. "Why?" She asked.
Apr 15 2017, 01:11 PM
Aiko wasn't wearing her robe or mask or hat but she did have her katana. It was the spring festival meaning she can spy on Sarada and provoke her and Sarada wouldn't be able to fight back unless she wanted to Shame her Village. Aiko was playing shoot the hop over glass bottles. The further she shot the hop around the bottle the better she got for prizes. She noticed, Sarada stand beside her. She wondered if she recognized her. "Do you remember me?" Her voice the same but her body was different. She had muscles on her arms, her chest bigger. and her hair more blonder. "Come play with me Sarada. Enjoy this time with me while I let you live so far. Sooner or later I'll be coming for your head. I will be taken your eyes after I kill you!" She tossed the hop. And then gave Sarada a hug. It was friendly. "Cherish these moments of friendship while you have. I am the only one that will come close to a love and hate friendship." She would then release her.
Apr 14 2017, 11:18 PM
Wearing a black robe, a mask, and a straw hat. Aiko also carried a Long thin Katana on her back, she was armed to the teeth with other equipment. She was sitting at the tea shop with her right hand wrapped around the cup which was extremely warm. Steam moved from it towards the air. Her eyes under the mask Stared into desk. As she begun to think back. Three Years of Extreme training, The Killing the Murdering. Becoming a Ruthless Ripper ready to seek vengeance. All of this because one person pushed her because she wanted to best her in a fight. Because they didn't share the same views as one another. Yet at the time they were in the same village. To what end will this be? Will this ever end? This made her wonder other things too.

The Organization she was in gave her food, water, clothing. But her training was set in motion to Surpass Sarada. She knew Uchiha were geniuses. And their training was extreme. So Aiko trained more then what a Genius Uchiha would having for. This drive, no obsessive was astounding. She got a Tip from one of her Clients that A Black haired Girl was making this way. Even a picture was given to Aiko. No doubt Sarada changed much to a grown woman.

Steps were made towards this direction, Aiko reached into her pockets and checked her pocket watch. It was time. The Moment made half way pass the Tea Stand. Aiko spoke. "Three years." She said. Her voice cold and collective not the childish Aiko everyone once knew. But the voice was the same. "Do you remember what I told you back in the Hospital. Uchiha Sarada." She said.
Sep 29 2016, 01:42 PM

Aburame Aiko
August 3rd - 19 - Missing Nin- N/A

General Information

Nickname: Legendary Assassin, Finger Finger Miasma, Viper.
Height: 5'8
Weight: 130
Clan: Aburame
Kekkei Genkai: Dokuton

Born: Konoha
Affiliation: Konoha, Medical Corps Unit, Team Takeru Forgotten Outlaws

Looking in the Mirror


She always wears a blue or mult colored tight body suit. She has blonde hair. She has blue eyes, and she always has to wear something skimpy. She doesn't have any buttbugs for equipment, in fact she loves showing off her figure, She does have a Red jacket, and also has kunai holster on her right leg on the side. Inside of Ninja shoes she wears heels.

NOW: Blonde hair, blue eyes, much bigger bust and curves. She carries a long Katana. She has grown to at least 5'8 and she has gained a few pounds weighing 130 lbs now. her body definition is much more refined then before her biceps and stomach and calves are much more muscular and toned up.

Play By: Shizuka Marikawa (Highschool of the Dead)

Look Inside Yourself

Having the love to kill for fun
Thrill of training beyond normal means
100% True Vengeance
Evil things

People that harm bugs
People who are quiet and shy she just wants to annoy them to no means
People who disturb training
Oiled Foods

To Become a Chuunin(Goals on Pause)
To Become the Head Medic(Goals on Pause)
To Become Jounin(Goals on Pause)
To become ANBU(Goals on Pause)
To Become ANBU Captain(Goals on Pause)
To become ANBU Commander(Goals on Pause)
To Become Sannin(Goals on Pause)
To Travel the world.(Accomplished)
Surpass Sarada
Take Vengeance upon Sarada
Watching Konoha burn to the the ground


More calm

Thrill for killing
Hunger for battle

Chakra System

Main Affinity: Earth
Skill Level: Master
Other Affinities: Water, Wind
Skill Level: Advanced, Intermedate
Strength: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu,Taijutsu
Average: Kenjutsu,
Weakness: Fuinjutsu, Kugutsu.
Reserve: High

Techniques Repertoire

E Rank:
All Academy Jutsu
All E Rank jutsu

D Rank:
-Human Cocoon Technique
-Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique
-Secret Technique: Insect Cocoon
-Secret Technique: Insect Gathering
-Chiyu no Jutsu (Healing Technique)
-Kanchi no Jutsu (Sensing Technique)
-Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)
-Kai (Release)
-Enhanced Senses
-Temporary Paralysis Technique
-Mist Servant Technique
-Practice Brick Technique
-Demonic Hell Viewing Technique
-Konoha Reppuu (Leaf Gale)
-Konoha Senpuu (Leaf Whirlwind)
-Doton: Shinjū Zanshu no Jutsu (Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique)
-Doton: Doro Hirateuchi no Jutsu (Earth Release: Mud Slap Technique)
-Doton: Kuro Izumi (Earth Release: Black Fountain)
-Doton: Kuro Ashikubi Shikakejirai (Earth Release: Black Ankle Entrapment)
-Dokuton: Kushami Doku (Poison Release: Sneezing Poison)
-Dokuton: Shinshi Ken no Jutsu (Poison Release: Dipped Blade Technique)

C Rank:
-Dokuton: Doku Senbon (Poison Release: Poison Needle)
-Dokuton: Doku Kemono (Poison Release: Poison Beast)
-Chakura no Mesu (Chakra Scapel)
-Doton: Tsuchi Domū (Earth Release: Earth Dome)
-Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu (Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique)
-Doton: Chidōkaku (Earth Release: Moving Earth Core)
-Doton: Retsudo Tenshō (Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm)
-Doton: Doryū Taiga (Earth Release: Earth Flow River)
-Doton: Doro Dangan (Earth Release: Mud Bullet)
-Doton: Shindou no Jutsu (Earth Release: Tremor Technique)
-Insect Clone Technique
-Insect Jamming Technique
-Insect Jar Technique
-Spindle Formation

B Rank:
Dokuton: Doku no Shigure (Poison Release: Rain of Poison)
Dokuton: Mindoku (Poison Release: Sleep Poison)
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)

A Rank:
Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique)
Shōsen Jutsu (Mystical Palm Technique)

Tales of History

Aiko, was born under the Aburame Clan. She entered the Ninja academy at the age of six. Most of her life was boring and dull while she was in the academy. She was very loud and got punished a lot of time while she was in it. Her studying Habits were amazing actually. Dispute being a loud mouth. She actually studied pretty well. Upon graduation people had noticed her development within her growth expand several times. She developed much more faster then most women did. In fact she became an idol of much younger kuncichi. Due to how troublesome she was for four years after becoming Genin. She was resigned to someone new.

What seemed like a dying end. And a hit on the road, Sore and bruised. Aiko mind begun to change. If you thought Aiko trained the way she did before and that was hard. Wait till the three year hell she put herself into. Through the first Year she spent Sololy On mastering, Earth Release, And learning the Basics of Earth and Wind, as well as Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and other abilities. This further increased extremely during the three year jump. However. Before year one ended she was approached by a interesting individual. That offered her things. Dreams, at first she laughed. And told him she desired Vengenece. And just like that he told her he can grant her this. Upon Entering the Organaztion. She was faced with ninja on a different Scale then Sarada. It caused her great annoyance. To a Point where she pushed her self either further it came to a point during one point during the three years of training she pushed herself over the brink of death five times.

During those years. She learned few useful jutsu that helped her training progress grow faster. Obtaining the Scroll That allowed Real Clones to be produced, and furthering it into her training with Charka training, she was able to not only get a better feel of thing but also increase her chakra Control even further. Clones exhausted her she can only summon five Normal Shadow Clones And that drains half of her reserves. and 50 Massive. that drains 2/3 but spread equally. She only uses shadow clones for training, scouting, and missions. Not during fights.

Further more, she ahd massraced Minor villages and towns, and left a trail of High Blood and bodies sewed up and sitched together like a ripper would. With the name of each of her Victims placed the Letter's Uchiha Sarada.

Fianally. While holding a Former Rank of Genin, Being Low Chuunin level Ninja by the time she left after some training, Becoming a Missing Ninja. After the three year Time skip she is considered to be at least of Mid Tier Jounin Level Ninja in Skill. Her leadership skills improved, her behavior improved she's no longer loud. She's Cold, Ruthless, refined, reserved, and much more cunning and evil.

Mission Data
This will be updated as you complete missions.

Academy Grad Age: 12
Chuunin Exam Age: -
Jounin Promotion Age: -

D-Rank: 3
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