Rose Valkyrie Customs I, Mila Rose
Mila Rose
 Posted: Jun 10 2017, 04:03 PM

Name: Bolt Jump

Not really a technique but a new ability granted to Mila Rose by her Dragon Valkyrie Armor. After analysis of the Body Flicker technique and using her knowledge of the Lightning Release Chakra Mode her armor blessed her with the Bolt Jump technique. Briefly shocking her nervous system with lightning based chakra in a small harmless amount allows Mila Rose to seemlessly move from one place to another as long as it is within fifty feet of her. When doing so Mila Rose moves like a pink streak from one spot to another before reappearing.

Can others learn this?: Exclusive to Mila Rose.

Name: Protection of the Goddess

Not really a technique but a new ability granted to Mila Rose by her Dragon Valkyrie Armor.. Mila Rose uses her divine chakra to erect a spherical barrier around herself to protect herself from oncoming attacks by extending her hands out thrusting them towards the oncoming attack. It can reflect up to C ranked techniques and withstand up to B ranked ones but anything stronger will shatter the barrier entirely. Uses a fair amount of chakra to initiate and constantly drains chakra further little by little the more the barrier remains and when too low the barrier breaks apart entirely unlike the usual shattering when broken by a enemy's technique. The technique can be applied to her allies though this drains her chakra more and requires more concentration on Mila Rose's part.

Others can use? Exclusive to Valkyries and Mila Rose.

Name: Megami no ikari [Wrath of the Goddess]
Rank: B
Classification: Offensive
Range: Close to Far
Handseals: N/A

Image Here. Mila Rose uses her newly acquired ability Bolt Jump to consecutively strike her enemy[s] up to four times using her Samurai Sabre Technique before unleashing her Hadan technique on them with the fifth and final strike. It isn't too hard if one is fast enough to disrupt the combo and break it as Mila Rose must stop long enough to strike her opponent with the Samurai Sabre technique before bolt jumping again leaving her vulnerable and open to attack.

Can others learn this?: Exclusive to Mila Rose.

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