Ichiro Suzuki, Reanimator
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Ichiro Suzuki
Jan 4th - 16 - Member Group - Jonin

General Information

Nickname: Does your NPC have any nicknames?
Height: 5 Feet,6 Inches
Weight:100 Pounds
Kekkei Genkai:none

Born: Obakegakure
Affiliation: Obakegakure

Looking in the Mirror

Appearance: Ichiro is stick thin but becuase he works out he can move fairly large loads. He has pale skin and fluffy white hair parted in the middle. His eyes are red and his whole family has pale white hair and red eyes. He is at least 20 pounds under weight for his hieght.
Play By: Juuzou Suzuya

What Are They Like
He is boucy and bubbly to keep his younger sister happy, but when in private his fears weigh heavily on him.

Chakra System

Main Affinity: Wind
Skill Level: talented
Other Affinities: water, earth
Skill Level: decently talented with earth being his weakest element
Strength: Genjutsu
Weakness: What kind of ninja arts are they weakest at?
Reserve: Mid-high

Techniques Repertoire

Use the following to determine how many techniques your character can start off with:

Academy Students: All E Rank Techniques

Genin: All E Rank Techniques. 5 D Rank

Chuunin: All E Rank Techniques, 5 D-Rank, 3 C-Rank, and 2 B-Rank.

Jounin: All E Rank Techniques, 5 D-Rank, 5 C-Rank, 4 B-Rank, and 1 A-Rank

Kage: All E Rank Techniques, 7 D-Rank, 6 C-Rank, 4 B-Ranks, 2 A-Ranks, and 1 S-Rank.

Tales of History
Ichiro is the older twin born to Hikaru Suzuki, Yukigakure native who wouldn't tell who thier father. They took their mother's name last name for lack of a surname. He and his brother Jiro were raised by their Mother who kept an inn and restaurant to support herself and her two young sons. Later Ichiro expressed interest in becoming a ninja and he was allowed to do so. He entered the ninja academy at the age of 6 years old, he worked hard training every chance he got. When he was 8 his younger sister Akira was born, Ichiro adored her and he often showed off his talents for her benefit. He graduated slightly early at 11 years old becoming the first in his family to become a genin. His brother Jiro was learning to run the family business.

When Ichiro started going on missions he grew in strength and talent due to his hard work. He became a chunin at 13 years old and then became a jonin at 16 years old. In that time he conceived his plan to become known for reincarnating souls, giving the dead life again. It is personal to him, he wants his mother and brother back. They died of an illness when he was only 14 and it caused him to be interested in healing the dead. Ichiro took in his then 6 year old sister and started working towards his new goal. It took him two years and many failures to get close, he was trying to break the laws of nature. His first success was resurrecting a boy who killed people in the fourth shinobi war with ice powers by the name of Haku.
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