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 Of Cats and Men [Darui][M], Matureness Potentially
 Posted: May 26 2017, 09:15 PM

"I'll handle Akira if he get's out of control." Facing someone he had no idea on the abilities he had. Rumored to fight a lot of higher ranking nin and killing them with ease. Was something that came Easy to Akira. He was Kiri's Best assassins. Sighing. "I don't believe Naruto is dead. Infact I believe Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are all alive and are being held captive. Yoricha.. Do you honestly think someone like a Chakra beast can take out those three legendary fighters? When they took a God?" he was referring to Kaguya. "I refuse to believe they are dead. I will be sending, Akuma to Konoha and Akira too the location of the battle. where Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were rumored to be killed." he said, wrapping his arms around her neck and bringing her close to him. "I am picking you. Because you will be the Next Raikage. If I so happen to die. I've already did the admission papers, and refers to you, as well as a letter of recommendation to the Council. If I happen to die. The only part left is training you mentally and physically." he told her.
Yorichu Yajuu
 Posted: May 27 2017, 05:58 AM

She couldn't imagine what kind of messed up person Akira had to mentally be to prefer the life he lived. Yorichu was too lazy to be an assassin and well she was a good person wouldn't hurt a fly unless provoked or the lives of her precious people were threatened. It was why she was known as the purple beast for her wrath unleashed when pissed off and well her purple hair. "Whose to say in the end until the leaf finally resolves what fully happened that day during the fight. There's always someone stronger out there to challenge us all to challenge even the infamous team seven of the leaf," she simply replied. She knew Son Goku worried about Naruto and Kurama he hadn't spoken to them in forever and had no idea if they were indeed alive or dead but he spent his time watching out for Yorichu and training her to better master his chakra and abilities he granted her as a Jinchuriki.

"Me? Raikage? Can't say Tsubaki would be entirely happy about the decision. It's her dream to surpass her big sister and you as well to be the next Raikage. Then again I'm not worried you wont die anytime soon," she replied and gave him a little noogie. Then she yawned and moved to stretch a little before moving to get up from the couch. "Regardless I can always use the training Darui-kun so I wont let you down," she exclaimed and punched her fist into her other hand with a grin before smiling sheepishly and winking at him as she shifted back to normal human her now. "Well I best be going then dearest you have duties to attend to as do I. Try and not let this kitty distract your thoughts too much behind that desk of yours," she purred and blew him a kiss before leaving.

[Exit Yorichu]

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