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...Three Years Later.

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Main Plot
The age of the ninja is dying. This fear is spreading like disease, and many are becoming desperate to uphold the livelihood of the ninja. This ongoing peace has been strangling the shinobi way of life. Revolutionaries are wanting to get things back to the way they were. Shinobi against Shinobi. To do so, blackmailing with uncovered dark secrets is tossed around to tare down the now fragile Shinobi Alliance. The past three years the revolutionaries have slowly gathered and built a village within the Land of Iron called, the Land of Silence. Who is behind this, and, are there more to the overall plan? Very little is known, and villages are breaking at the foundation. Ninja are disappearing, deserting. No one knows why, but whispers are aimed at this up and coming Land of Silence. Attacks are still occurring due to the influx of mercenaries and rogue ninja, and the past few years have resulted in a generation corrupted by war-like conditions...

Team 7 is dead, have been for three years. The beast that had once attacked Kumo, set it's sights on Konoha and Team 7 went out to meet it, both destroyed. The Rokudaime, Hatake Kakashi now holds office. Konoha suffers attack after attack from nearby smaller villages, wanting to take advantage of what they think is a weaker Konohagakure. A great loss of Jonin and Chunin are the results, even Genin had to fight the initial attack, which were followed by others. The majority of missions detail assassinations and gathering of information these days. The past two years there have been food shortages, mostly due to natural occurrences like drought and insects infiltrating the food sources. Some are blaming the other villages nearby for any tampering, perhaps, they are correct. The Konoha Police have been revitalized in hopes to deter the ever-constant threat of attacks from the surrounding minor villages and rogues.

Due to the information leaks and the general old mistrust the Kazekage has been dodging assassination attempts and dark political intrigue. A lot are wanting Gaara out of the seat, feeling he is a weak leader. Issues arise throughout the lands, Konoha asks for aid from their strongest alley, yet Suna can't help. Some believe that they can, but won't, and enjoy watching the Hidden Leaf brought down to a even level. Bad weather conditions such as continuous drought and sandstorms, here and there rogues are seeking refuge. The doors to Suna are closed against outsiders, because of this, tension with other villages are being created.

One of the first, besides Konoha to experience a decline in shinobi. Either disappearing while on missions, or, simply going rogue. Just last week the Mizukage had been assassinated overnight. No trails, as of yet. A new Mizukage emerged within days, not many of heard of her, but the council approved. Some suspect the council is corrupt. This new Mizukage is bringing the village back to the era of the Bloody Mist Village. Fear ripples throughout Kirigakure. Few remember the Bloody Mist, but those that do, begin to speak of taking out Kirigakure before things get out of hand. Old practices of the Bloody Mist have been enacted for a couple years now, the practices of academy students killing their classmates has been enacted to graduate. Corpses of weaker ninja or simply those that had gone rogue show up in plain site. A warning, the majority of the youth who have known only peace and the old who recall the past Bloody Mist Era.

The village has been slowly pulling back from the shinobi alliance. The issues with the other villages are effecting the Land of Lighting, and they have retracted and begun to resort to their old tactics. Military. Traveling to and from Kumogakure is difficult, much like Sunagakure. A lot of ships, flying blimps and growing technology are being built, but there aren't many reasons why. Kote are being handed out to the worthy. Some suspect preparation for another shinobi war. From the chakra beast attack three years past, Kumogakure is still recovering, and in fear, of another beast attack. Many ninja without homes, and governing is still a bit chaotic.

An influx of bandits have been attacking. Greedy, the mines have garnished a plethora of attention. Mines are emptying swiftly. A lot of Iwa's economy is dropping radically, and as such Iwagakure is suffering from poor conditions. Many are leaving, and thievery is rampant. Many Shinobi are deciding to become mercenaries to earn a living. In this chaos, everyone is looking to the Tsuchikage and yet no one has heard from her in weeks. Only her council see her, and rarely.

Land of Iron
The Shogun has changed, he's fierce and hungry for power. Some Samurai feel demons are closer than they think.

Land of Silence
If anyone would like to participate, please contact staff.

Other Villages
- Waterfall Village: Recently and suddenly infiltrated and everyone murdered, reason unknown.
- Star Village: A civil-war tares of the land, the two clans Tachibana Vs. Kazehana. Which side are you for?
- Rain Village: A cesspool for mercenaries and rogues. Refuges gather to surrounding villages.
- Grass Village: This land suffers an all to similar fate to that of it's neighbor Amegakure.
- Sound Village: If anyone goes there, they end up missing.
- Snow Village: Countless demon attacks, Samurai infiltrating.

The Forgotten Outlaws
A larger merc group called Forgotten Outlaws is taking storm.Some say they were coming from the Forgotten Island.
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