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 Posted: Oct 28 2015, 01:04 AM

Hey there, guys! Welcome to Bloodline Chronicles, an Alternate Universe for world of Naruto. Here, you guys make the story of what happens to our favorite orange jumpsuit wearing ninja and his friends (along with their children!), or heck, even a cast of characters never seen before! Before we get started, there are some rules we need to go over, so that your time on here is fun and exciting. Let's get started~

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This is an 18+ Mature rating site. Viewer's discretion is advised.

1. You are going need to have your character approved before you can jump into our wonderful world of ninjas. All you need is one admin approval, then you can start. However, be aware that the app will still be subject to change, if deemed too powerful by another Admin.

2. Drama-Free Zone. That means that if there's any trouble that needs immediate action, please, and I mean PLEASE, message an Admin to have things sorted out. We don't mind you talking about it to other members, but don't let it become too big of a problem before it comes unfixable, and severe action has to take place.

3. Here on Bloodline Chronicles, we do not have a word count to each post. All we ask is that you supply enough information for any of your role playing partners to work with, so that they can produce an excellent post for you, in return. We're friendly folk, and accept all forms of role play, but if you have any questions concern such problems, PM an Admin.

4. We understand that everyone has lives outside of RPing, and we know that things happen that can affect your posting here. So, if anything were to come up, and you need to take a leave, please post in the INTRODUCTIONS AND FAREWELLS and let us know how long you will be gone for. With this, we shall see that you aren't going to be disappearing from the face of the Earth, and that we shall expect your glorious return sometime down the road.

5. There are going to be instances to where ninjas happen to die, being placed in situations where death is certain. If your character gets placed in these situations, and you don't want he/she to face that fate, please discuss it to your role play partner, and see if you two can't work something out. If nothing can be agreed upon, contact administration, and continue from there. Be sure that there's an In-Character reason for the death, otherwise, it will not go through. If STILL nothing can be agreed upon, then Staff will review the scenario and will make a final decision.

6. Graphics rule: 250 x 400 for Avatars. Signatures are fine, as long as they aren't too big and trust'll know when it is.

7. We don't limit on how many threads your character can be in, but make sure you can have a timeline on where each thread goes. It's no good to have a jumble of threads, and can't connect them together in some way. Also, if something major is happening in one of the threads, you probably shouldn't join another one, as there's no assumptions when it comes to threads.

8. For the site's canon, we follow the events after Boruto: Naruto the Movie. Please keep that in mind while you make your characters, especially any Canons. If you have any questions about this, please PM an Admin.

9. You can use a Face Claim from any anime or manga. That said, we do not allow any real faces or material that's not manga (celebrity, comic books, etc.) There are some leniency for video game and web comic face claims, however it comes down to the character and will be reviewed by Staff before approval. Every time a character is approved, please post their face claim in the FACE CLAIMS Thread, so that no one else does a copy of an existing claim. Side note, transformations of a character face claim DOES NOT count as a separate being (i.g. Nine Tailed Chakra Mode Naruto = Naruto normal form). Also, be sure to post in the WHO'S WHO Thread in order to set in your roster for characters for everyone to view and see.

10. When you make a new character, you must make a member account for that character. If you are unaware of sub-accounts, please ask a member on the c-box or message Staff. We'll be glad to help!

11. We ask you to please stay in-character during posts, and don't abuse OOC knowledge, as that's considered "Metagaming". We shall have a separate thread, detailing what that means, along with other terms, so that we can have fair and fun experience. That thread will be under Rules and Information. That being said, don't "God-Mod" and "Powerplay".

12.For the community, we do have a group chat that uses Chatango. If you don't have an account already, please make an account, so that you may take part of the awesome chat we shall have in the future. We also utilize other social media as a way to communicate, so don't feel pressured into using Chatango.

13. Canons that are apped for and left as WIPs have 2 weeks to get finished and approved before being freed for the public once again. For all other characters, if a WIP are left for over a month with no activity, then it will get archived and the account will receive a PM with further instructions.

14. When you get a character approved, you claim the rights of use for any alternate version of that character. We've been introduced to alternate versions of the canon characters before, so it's a thing on here. For example, if a member gets Naruto approved, then he/she claim the rights to Menma and any of the other version of the ninja. If you want to try and app another version of an existing character, please PM them to ask for their permission.

15. Even though we are an 18+ Mature site, we do keep in mind those that don't want to see the nasty stuff. So, if you know your thread is going to go in that direction, please stick an [M] tag at the end of the topic title. That way, viewers will be warned of the upcoming material. Also, if you're going for the violent, steamy stuff (or a mix of both), please keep it tasteful and appealing to read.

16. Please refer to MISSION REGISTRATION for the rulings about Ninja Missions, and TRAINING for the ruling about Training Threads.

17. Here on Bloodline Chronicles, we do allow members to come up with customs for their characters. This includes techniques, clans, Kekkei Genkai, weapons, etc. If you want one for your character, please go to the CUSTOMS CREATIONS section and put them in there. Like with character applications, it only needs one Staff Approval for it to get settled in.

18. We do have monthly Activity Checks that check in on the activity of the members. They last for one week, and cover all characters (Canons and OCs). Please refer to HERE for more information on how they are carried out

19. It goes without saying that in most cases, Canons carry more weight than OCs and we do expect canons that are in threads to remain active, so that everyone has a fun time. They carry more weight that Original Characters because of their established status on the site; that's a given. So, when you have a character(s) that are somewhat dependent on that Canon, and they aren't around too often, interest is lost, and complications come in. We're not saying that all your Canons need to be doing stuff every day, every minute, every second; it's just that if they are in threads, they need to be on an active roll, so that the thread can progress. This actually can stem out to characters in general, but it's mainly aimed at Canons because of their status in the site, and Original Characters are original concepts and thus, are the creator's property, and we as Staff cannot dictate the direction with them. If a canon isn't used within a month without a valid reason from the player, then a warning shall be given, and then the canon will be taken away in a week after the warning has been given if the player doesn't show change in their activity OR haven't given a valid reason for their activity.

20. Board-wide site events shall have a three day posting period, meaning that a member has up to three days upon their next turn to get a post up to keep the plot going (Unless they provide everyone involved in the thread a valid reason for their lateness. Laziness is never an excuse). Note, you'll have to keep track of your post (Staff will not remind you), for you can be skipped, if you aren't careful. Skipped too many times, and you might be asked to step out of the Event until its conclusion. For normal threads, however, you and your partners can set up the rate of posting to however you two or more like.
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